Linguistic Refreshments

Hey! Are you bored of reading the same mundane ‘basic Swedish’ from 8 to 3 on a daily basis? Sick of never getting a chance to improve your English reading skills without pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, whether that be a presentation in front of your classmates or other just as obnoxious exercises? Well, you’re in luck!

I’m extremely fond of using English on a daily basis and I feel as though not getting to use this rather lively and descriptive language is a real dilemma. Let me start with a simple introduction.

Hi! Simply enough, my name is Laura, my friends call me ‘boss’ sometimes and some refer to me as ‘Lare’ (source: my sister). I, however, describe myself as a ‘good delinquent’. Basically, I handle my grades well but act as if I don’t. My dress code and body language generally follow the same mindset.

Good examples of what you can expect from my writings are personal experiences, public service announcements ( commonly known as the acronym ‘PSAs’) or even creative or thought-provoking questions. I hope to awaken a sense of reliability and belonging in this school, whether it be through seeming relatable or trustworthy, I don’t know yet. Honestly, I think that’s up to you… The readers!

This first publishing of mine might seem a bit… Uh, formatted? Scripted almost?
But fret not! This isn’t going to be a constant writing style of mine. Expect variable, almost unpredictable changes to happen to my writings daily. Bottom line; there are no rules to my texts!

One day, you might encounter a rant. The next? A personal story with a question at the end perhaps! At the end of the day, I aim to either teach or entertain with my stories. Hopefully, I succeed in doing either one or the other.